• How to use Twitter on Playstation VITA

    Sony has just published a new video footage on YouTube showing how to used Twitter on Playstation VITA. The touchscreen keypad of Playstation VITA is used for typing itself, and this is the tweet sent.

    Playstation VITA

    This video footage was taken at recently concluded PS VITA London Showcase. Playstation VITA is schedule to launch on December 17 and on February 22 in Europe. Watch the footage below:

  • Football Manager 2011 Reveals Social Media Features

    SEGA Europe has reveal that their upcoming game title Football Manager 2011 (PC version) will include the features which allow gamers to publish their achievements and goals to various social networking site and it will also have a new camera angle for 3D match view.

    Football Manager 2011

    Here is the details of what all things you can do:

    Gamers will be able to upload their videos directly to their You Tube account from the improved match engine (including videos from match engine camera angle) that too from within the game. Uploaded videos can be viewed on the official Sports Interactive YouTube Channel.

    On their twitter account players will be able to set manual or automatic updates of their achievements. Steam users can put upto 80 achievements on their profile.

  • Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Wii To Have Facebook and Twitter Support

    Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rocks will be the very firt game title releasing on Wii with social networking support (Twitter and Facebook).

    Revealing the details at one of the event at San Francisco Joe Fisher said,  “We’ve done a lot in the online realm this year,”.

    “We are the first Wii title to support social networking sites, with Facebook and Twitter".

    “When your friends do accomplishments in the game, you can broadcast those to your friends as well as to social networking sites. We’ve also incorporated a Wii award system, so when you do specific challenges in the game, you get credited for an award. You can share those with your online friends as well.”

    That good news for Nintendo Wii and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock fans.

    Guitar Hero: Warrior of Rock comes out in Unitend Kingdom on September 24, and on September 28 in US.