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  • Vodafone delays Xperia Play UK launch

    After O2 its Vodafone now which has delayed the launch of Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play in United Kingdom.

    Last night Vodafone sent out a customer notice to all those who preorder the phone from the network, confirming the delay.

    Xperia Play

    Here is what the notice reads:

    “Sony Ericsson have advised us that they will not be able to supply the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play to meet the original launch date of 1 April. Unfortunately, this means there will be a small delay to your order,”

    “We are working closely with Sony Ericsson to ensure your phone is delivered as soon as possible and we will be in touch again with specific timescales when we know more. We appreciate this is disappointing and are doing our very best to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

    However Sony Ericsson just a while ago in a statement to VG247 said that "freight issue" has plagued Xperia Play and this may impact the number of handsets arriving at some retails outlets, but the company will still launch Xperia Play as planned despite Vodafone backing out.

    “We can confirm that the Xperia PLAY handsets are still planned to launch in the UK for 1st April, as originally communicated,”

    “However, as of today, we have experienced a freight issue that may impact the number of Xperia PLAYs arriving at some retail outlets. This said, consumers can purchase Xperia PLAY as of April 1st at a number of stores across the UK.”

  • F.E.A.R. 3 release date for UK announced

    Warner Bros. has announced today horror ramp F.E.A.R. 3 will launch in United Kingdom on May 27. It will be coming out on Playstation 3, PC and Xbox 360. F.E.A.R. 3 has seen numerous delays dating back to last August, and was initailly slated to release in late 2010.

    F.E.A.R 3

    F.E.A.R.3 is developed by Day 1 Studios, and it revolves around Alma’s offspring Point Man and Paxton Fettel, who introduce “divergent co-op, giving players distinctly different abilities affecting their own play as well as the experience of their co-op partner.”

    F.E.A.R.3 will launch in United States on May 24.

  • Motorstorm Apocalypse launch delayed in UK

    Sony just a while ago announced that Motorstorm Apocalypse launch in United Kingdom has been delayed in United Kingdom.

    A SCE UK spokeperson has told MCV, "Although we have shipped the game into the channel last week, given that we are able to do so, we have chosen to postpone the launch in the UK,"

    "In the meantime we will continue to monitor the situation very closely."

    MotorStorm: Apocalypse

    A SCEE representative added, "We are shocked and saddened to see the impact of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and our thoughts are with all those affected, including our colleagues within the Sony family, living and working throughout Japan.

    "We are very conscious of the parallels between these events and the underlying theme in Motorstorm and are doing everything we can to be as sensitive as possible to the situation. Although the game itself is already in distribution, we are ceasing any further shipments and removing as much of the marketing materials as possible."

  • WWE All Stars demo dated for UK

    THQ has officially announced the release date for WWE All Stars demo, the taster will launch in United Kingdom on March 22 for Xbox 360, PS3 owner will get it on March 23.

    WWE All Star Roster

    According to the details revealed by publisher the demo will feature The Ultimate Warrior (from Brawler player class) and Rey Mysterio (from Acrobat class). The demo will also feature two player local multiplayer, but no online multiplayer.

  • Xperia Play launch date for UK confirmed

    Sony Ericsson has officially confirmed that Xperia Play will launch in United Kingdom on March 31. In an interview to MCV, the firm confirmed the release date and also announced six games title that will accompany Xperia Play, 50 more game will be available via Playstation Suite.

    Xperia Play

    Here is the list of games:

    • Crash Bandicoot
    • FIFA 10
    • Bruce Lee Dragon Warriors
    • Star Battalion
    • Tetris
    • The Sims 3

    Xperia Play will be available at mobile carriers and retailers, Sony is also planning to sell it all leading game retailers.

    David Hilton, Sony Ericsson Marketing Director said, "We are currently still in commercial conversation, but I’d be surprised if we didn’t see Xperia Play appear in other channels"

    "All the mobile operators and retailers are selling it. It is rare these days to get a product that is sold everywhere, but this is one of those. This will be the biggest marketing campaign we have had in the UK."

  • The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Price dropped

    GOG has announced a pre-order price drop for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Digital Premium Edition in United Kingdom. The Witcher 2 now has a price tag of £29.99, however pre-order price tag for it via GOG is £26.99. This new price is applicable to existing pre-orders and also to the new ones.

    The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings screen

    Lukasz Kukawski, PR and marketing manager, said in a press release that the pre-order price drop is a response to currency discrepancies

    “We do our best to provide our users with the lowest possible prices here at GOG,” he said,

    “And we’re happy to announce that we’re able to make another great deal here.

    “With The Witcher 2 Digital Premium Edition we introduced the ‘Fair Price Package’ to compensate for the price difference for customers who pay in Euros and British pounds sterling vs. those who pay in USD.”

    The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is slated to release on May 17 for PC.

  • Nintendo 3DS to become UK Biggest Console launch

    Nintendo latest handheld console 3DS will have the most successful launch of any video game console in United kingom, and proof of this, its pre-order sales figure.

    According to the details Nintendo's machine has already cross the pre-order sales figure set by Wii, and is on the verge of crossing the 100,000 sales mark at launch.

    Nintendo 3DS

    "Our target was to get over 100,000 pre-orders - and we're in line with that," Andy Yates told in an interview to MCV. "So far, we've already beat our personal best for a console launch.

    "With three weeks to go we're in a great position, as pre-orders are still building. The message to retail right now is that availability is strong and stores can plan with confidence to keep the accelerator on."

    Nintendo 3DS will be coming out in UK on March 25 carrying a price tag of around £200. You can pre-order the 3DS directly from here(Nintendo 3DS).

  • iPad 2 release set in UK as same date of 3DS

    iPad 2 vs 3DS battle confirmed, Apple has announced that the second generation iPad will be coming out in United Kingdom on the same day as Nintendo 3DS. The news was confirmed by Apple during iyd GDC press conference in San Francisco.

    iPad 2

    According to the details iPad 2 will be 33% thinner than its predecessor, and is developed on a new chip i.e A5 (dual core processor). Graphics and visual of iPad 2 will be nine time faster in comparision to iPad.

    Apple has also incorporated built in front and back cameras in iPad 2. It also offers HDMI output with a special dongle. Its battery life is said to be of 10 hours.

    Steve Jobs, Apple CEO said, "Add all these features up, and we think 2011 is going to be the year of iPad 2"

  • The Sims Medieval Collector Edition available only at GAME

    Gamers in United Kingdom if you want to buy The Sims Medieval Collector's Edition then head on to your nearest GAME store, as its the only place where you can do purchase it.

    The Sims Medieval Collector's Edition

    Sims Medieval Collector's Edition was announced earlier this month, and at that time it was available for pre-order at Amazon also, but now it seem that GAME has snapped exclusive rights for it.

    The Sims Medieval Collector's Edition consists of:

    • Sims Medieval game
    • DLC containing three throne rooms and 10 outfits
    • Souvenir game sketch and art booklet
    • 3D card artwork
    • A3 Poster
    • Wax seal featuring an embossed Plumbob
    • Map of the game's kingdom
    • Soundtrack CD

    Sims Medieval Collector's Edition carries a price tag of $40, and will launch on PC on March 25.

  • The 3rd Birthday Dated for United Kingdom

    Finally the United Kingdom launch date of Square Enix's The 3rd Birthday has been revealed. The game will launch on April 1 in the form of a Twisted Edition.

    The publisher has already dated The 3rd Birthday for United States, its March 29. You can check out complete details about it here.

    The 3rd Birthday

    The 3rd Birthday, an action game title ws first announced as a Japanese mobile phone exclusive, it first made jump to PSP way back in 2008. In The 3rd Birthday gamers will see the lead character Aya Brea trying to completely destroy a race creature known as the Twisted in Manhattan.