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  • Valkyria Chronicles 3 Demo Out in November

    A bit more details about Valkyria Chronicles 3 demo has been revealed by Famitsu. Famitsu confirms that Valkyria Chronicles 3 demo which fans have been eargely waiting for will be coming out next month in Japan.

    Valkyria Chronicles 3

    The game was showcase at last month Tokyo Game Show and it is said that the demo will also features all those elements which weren't their at TGS. No exact release date was given but it is expected to be announce soon in coming days.

    Valkyria Chronicles 3 slated to release in Japan on 27 January.

  • Valkyria Chronicles II DLC out this month

    Sega today announce that Valkyria Chronicles 2 will be getting a new DLC which will bring huge improvement to the game later this month.

    About the DLC not much details were reveal except that the DLC wii feature New skirmishes and revisit to Mellvere Markey. More details has been promise by Sega in coming days along with the exact release date.

    Valkyria II, Valkyria Chronicles II, Valkyria Chronicles 2, Valkyria Chronicles 2 DLC

    For time being a secret unlock code is issued by Sega for the gamers to unlocking two sticker of Isara Gunther and Isara Dream. With you need to do with the code is tap it in the Extra Menu of the game.

  • New Valkyria Chronicles will be shown at the TGS 2010

    Although SEGA had already registered the domain could be just a red herring, but now no doubt that Valkyria Chronicles will continue.

    The mystery now is whether it will on PS3 as its first delivery or for PSP like the prequel which is about to hit stores in Europe.

    The new teaser site SEGA open today leaves no doubt about it. Apart from the picture there is only one text that calls upon the September 16, the day that presumably will be presented at the Tokyo Game Show.

    Valkyria Chronicles, screenshot, walllpaper, PS3,PSP

  • Valkyria Chronicles II Exclusive Pre-order DLC Unveils

    Valkyria Chronicles was an exclusively game title for PS3, which was released way back in 2008 and recently sometime back it was reported that the sequel to the game is expected to release for PSP this year. Now there has been new development according to the official blog of Sega a pre order DLC for Valkyria Chronicles II has been announced.

    The DLC will be out alongside the game on 31st August 2010 for PS3 through PSN. The talk about DLC for Valkyria Chronicles II will give gamers a Exercise vs. Class E an exterminatory war with rival class E. The get successful and emerge a winner gamers need to beat up all enemies around various area of Leanbluff Forest.

    The other is Exercise vs Class F a battle with rival Class F and to emerge Winner gamers has to break their defense and get hold of their encampment.