Valkyria Chronicles 2

  • Valkyria Chronicles II Exclusive Pre-order DLC Unveils

    Valkyria Chronicles was an exclusively game title for PS3, which was released way back in 2008 and recently sometime back it was reported that the sequel to the game is expected to release for PSP this year. Now there has been new development according to the official blog of Sega a pre order DLC for Valkyria Chronicles II has been announced.

    The DLC will be out alongside the game on 31st August 2010 for PS3 through PSN. The talk about DLC for Valkyria Chronicles II will give gamers a Exercise vs. Class E an exterminatory war with rival class E. The get successful and emerge a winner gamers need to beat up all enemies around various area of Leanbluff Forest.

    The other is Exercise vs Class F a battle with rival Class F and to emerge Winner gamers has to break their defense and get hold of their encampment.

  • Valkyria Chronicles 2 dated for Europe

    One of the best RPG exclusively for PS3, Valkyria Chronicles will have its second part, this time exclusively for PSP.

    SEGA will bring this turn-based strategic RPG and real-time shooter to Europe starting next September 3.

    Finally, although it was initially announced as a prequel, the events of this second part will take place two years later than the end of the first one. A new story with a new player just entered the military academy.