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  • WWE 12: The Rock and The Miz DLC available now

    THQ has just announced that The Rock and The Miz DLC for WWE 12 is now available for download on PS3 and Xbox 360. Previously The Rock DLC was only available to all those gamers who pre-order the game.

    The Rock DLCSimilar, The Miz was available only to those gamers who purchased the game via GameStop or EB Games. Now both these DLC is available for download, and carries a price tag of 80 Microsoft Points or $0.99 to download.

  • WWE 12 The Rock DLC release date officially confirmed

    THQ has finally announced the launch date of The Rock DLC for WWE 12. Fans who did not pre-order the game will now be able to download The Rock DLC on February 21 (US) and February 22 (Europe).

    WWE 12 The RockThe release date was announced by WWEGames Creative Director Cory Ledesma on his personal Twitter account. "@TheRock and @mikethemiz alternate attires will be available for purchase on Feb. 21st US (22nd EU) for those that didnt preorder #WWE12."

    The price for the DLC was not revealed, however it is expected to carry a price tag of $0.99 or 80 Microsoft Points.

  • WWE 12 Legends DLC available now, Masked Kane paid DLC listing was mistake

    WWE 12 Legends DLC is now available for download on Playstation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace. Legend DLC is the last DLC pack for game, and it feature Mick Foley, Macho Man Randy Savage and Batista (Paid), and Brodus Clay for free.

    WWE 12 Masked Kane Make Good DLCAlong with this, Make Good DLC which is Masked Kane is also available for FREE but only till February 14. Due to some technical error Make Good DLC "Masked Kane" was listed as paid DLC on Xbox Live.

    WWEGames Community Manager Marcus Stephenson said, "For those who see Kane on @Xbox listed as FREE, but are asked to pay 80 points, the fix is still caching by region & will update over time."

    If you accidently paid for Masked Kane DLC, contact XBOX Live Customer Service for a refund.

  • WWE 12 Legends DLC and patch not coming out today

    THQ has announced that the Legend DLC pack and patch for WWE 12 will not release today as initially reported. On Twitter, the publisher announced that exact release date for the DLC and patch will be revealed later this week.

    WWE 12On official WWEGames Twitter account, THQ said, "Just to clarify, the release date for the #WWE12 DLC & patch was not tomorrow. We'll have full details this week!"

    According to new reports, WWE 12 fans can expect to download the DLC and patch on January 31.

  • WWE 12: First clue for Make Good DLC revealed

    THQ has revealed its first hint related to which WWE superstar will feature in "Make GOOD" DLC for WWE 12. This Make Good DLC for the game is schedule to launch alongside Legend DLC pack on January 24.

    WWE 12 KaneThe hint WWEGames Community Manager Marcus Stephenson revealed is, "This WWE Superstar doesn't just "break the walls down", he absolutely destroys any wall or foe in front of him with his monstrous power. Stay tuned, he's coming...back, to WWE '12."

    THQ has already confirmed that Chris Jericho is not "Make GOOD" DLC, and so we left it to you guys to crack the hint given above. Tell us in the comment section below who is this WWE Superstar?, I am placing my BET on the superstar in the image above.

  • WWE 12 Make Good DLC is not Chris Jericho

    Recently THQ announced a make good DLC content for WWE 12. The publisher also confirmed that this make good DLC will launch alongside The Legend DLC later this month.

    Chris JerichoMany fans were expecting that this make good DLC for WWE 12 will be returning WWE superstar Chris Jericho, but Community Manager Marcus Stephenson has confirmed that make good DLC for WWE 12 is not Chris Jericho.

    On Twitter Marcus said, "Our "Make Good" DLC is not Chris Jericho".

    If not Chris Jericho then who?, we are betting on "Masked Kane", what is you guys, let us know in the comment section below. The DLC is schedule to launch on January 24.

  • THQ: Legend Pack is the last DLC for WWE 12

    The Legend DLC pack for WWE 12 will be the third and the last DLC for the game, publisher THQ has confirmed. WWE 12 Legend DLC pack is schedule to launch later this month.

    WWE 12 Legend DLCA WWE 12 fan asked Community Manager Marcus Stephenson whether they will see a fourth DLC pack for the game. To this Marcus replied, "There will not be a DLC Pack 4, but we'll be at the stage of implementing your feedback for the future."

    This is definitely not a great news for WWE 12 fans who want publisher to make character model of the returning Chris Jericho. Are you happy with only for DLC pack for WWE 12, do you want more?. Let us know in the comment section below.

  • WWE 12 Divas DLC: Sony and Microsoft to blame for delay in release

    We all have been anxiously waiting for the launch of WWE 12 DIVAS DLC, but still THQ has not revealed the exact release date. But now we have come to know that its' not THQ's fault for the delay of WWE 12 DIVAS DLC.

    A die-hard WWE 12 fans knows that THQ has completed the development work on DIVAS DLC, and so asked the publisher on Twitter, why it hasn't been released yet.

    WWE 12 Community Manager Marcus Stephension replied, "because WE don't release them, MS and Sony do".

     WWE 12 Trish Screenshot

    In simple terms, its in the hand of Sony and Microsoft when to release DIVAS DLC pack for WWE 12 on PSN and Xbox 360.

  • WWE 12 "The Rock" DLC release date announced

    Earlier this year, THQ announced that "The Rock" DLC for WWE 12 will go on sale three months after the launch of the game. Now the publisher has confirmed exact release date for "The Rock" DLC.

    The Rock

    THQ announced that WWE 12 "The Rock" DLC will be available for download on Xbox Live and PSN from February 2, 2012. On Twitter, Cory Ledesma confirmed the launch date of the DLC.

    Cory Ledesma tweeted, "if you pre-ordered the game, you get a token to redeem it in the store. if you didn't pre-order you need to wait until Feb 2 buy"

  • THQ unveils Trish Stratus Look in WWE 12

    Finally, THQ revealed the first look of Trish Stratus in WWE 12. The publisher uploaded the entrance and finisher video footage of Trish and also revealed a stunning screenshot of her.