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  • DICE comments of Xbox 360's 9GB DVD Format, fresh BF3 details also out

    We all know that Xbox 360 DVD format has a space cap of 9GB only, and so DICE upcoming shooter Battlefield 3 is shipping on two disk for the console. The PS3 can boast a 50GB all thanks to its Blu-Ray integration. Now DICE has responded to to Xbox 360's 9GB allowance, and also some fresh Battlefield 3 details revealed.

    Battlefield 3

    In an interview to IndustryGamers, Battlefield 3 Producer Patrick Bach was asked how big their upcoming shooter is, and whether he feels restricted by Xbox 360 9GB DVD format.

    Patrick replied "It’s massive, what with its single player campaign, separate co-op campaign, and the entire multiplayer mode. But data size wasn’t really a problem, since we simply put it on two discs for the Xbox 360."

    In addition to this some fresh Battlefield 3 details has been revealed via senior designer at DICE, Fredrik Thylander. He said:

    "while jets can kill infantry (rockets) their rock-paper-scissors role is more anti air or ground vehicles depending on spec"

    Furthermore, when a fan asked Daniel Matros, Global Battlefield Community Manager, if "is the day 1 patch already integrated into the preload? Or separate download on release day?"

    To this he replied: "Already integrated in preload"

    Last but not the least, when a fan asked "is final code cpu usage going to be good?" to this DICE Rendering Architect, Johan Andersson responded,

    "final contains further crossfire fixes and general tweaks."

    Battlefield 3 will launch on October 25 in US, and on October 28 on UK for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • THQ Unveils Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 Xbox 360 Avatar Items

    THQ has reveals the details list of WWE related items that gamers can buy for their Avatar through Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The list of items that will be up for grab is given below and the video below gives you the detail of it.

    • John Cena – Outfits (Male and Female), Cap
    • Undertaker – Outfits (Male and Female), Hat
    • DX – Outfits (Male and Female), Glowsticks, Cap
    • Edge – Outfits (Male and Female)
    • Randy Orton – Shirts (Male and Female)
    • WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 – Shirts (Male and Female)
    • Hornswoggle – Animated WWE Superstar
    • Rey Mysterio – Mask
    • WWE Championship Belt