Xbox 360 controller

  • New Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller Revealed with similar looks of Xbox 360 controller

    Wii U Pro Controller is the new controller for Wii consoles announced by Nintendo today. This controller has similar looks to the Xbox 360 controller, as you can see in the picture below, Actually looks advance version of Xbox 360 controller.

    It will surly give the hardcore gamers some comfort playing with Wii but it will also gonna tease Microsoft and it's Xbox 360 fans to see the manipulated copy of their controller.

    Wii U Pro Controller

    I would give it more plus points for It's Black color and a better D-Pad. While announcing this new controller earlier today, Nintendo also officially detailed some tweaks to its Wii U Gamepad.  With two types of controllers, Nintendo clearly trying to target gamers with different tastes. What you guys think of this new Wii U Pro Controller?

  • GamingZap Giving Early Access to New Silver Xbox 360 Controller in UK

    The new Xbox 360 controller which has a new pad with a silver finish on it along with a monochromatic color scheme will launch in United Kindom next year only.

    Xbox 360 Controller

    However GamingZap has other idea regarding its launch as it has already begun importing the controller for US so that fans in UK can get their hands on it during Christmas.

    Check out the details of New Xbox Controller:

    • New Pad with Silver finish with monochromatic color scheme
    • New Transforming D-Pad
    • Concave Ridged Analog Stick
  • Microsoft to reveal new Xbox 360 controller with D-pad this Christmas?

    According commented Joystiq, Microsoft may be working on a new joystick for Xbox 360 for Christmas.

    Its uniqueness would a new style of directional pad or crosshead, Which would have been particularly modified for certain games, such as fighting.

    According to Joystiq: "We've got it on good authority that sometime this Holiday season, Microsoft will launch a new Xbox 360 controller with a rather unique d-pad.

    According to our trusted source, when one rotates the d-pad ninety degrees on this new controller, it'll raise up about a quarter of an inch -- a modification apparently revealed to be targeted at fighting game fans."