xbox 360 slim

  • Auto Cooler Console Stand revealed for Xbox 360 Slim

    CTA Digital has revealed the Auto Cooler Console Stand for Xbox 360 Slim. This Auto Cooler Console Stand make use of TempSense technology, and will auotmatically keep the console's temperature between 5 to 35 degress Celsius. The cooling is done through fans having two different speeds.

    Auto Cooler Console Stand box art

    Auto Cooler Console Stand make use of USB slot on Xbox 360, but it also offers three additional USB ports. It also includes a Power Save option.

    Auto Cooler Console Stand will launch in North America on July 1 and will carry a retail price tag of $29.99. Pre-order it directly from HERE.

  • New Xbox 360 Slim Overheating Issue Caught!

    A video posted on youtube by the Xbox 360 fan boy, in youtube account name RandomVideoDump. As we see in video, player is playing Call of duty modern warfare 2 on his newly bought Xbox 360 Slim. After playing for 1 hour it suddenly started to show lines on his console screen.

    So Microsoft making GPU and CPU in one chip is not good idea as said by the user because with just 1 hour gameplay it's started to overheat. But i doubt, if it's screen issue.

  • Xbox 360 Slim Shuts Down to prevent Red Dot of Death

    Xbox 360 Slim has a new in built mechanism to protect it from "Red Dot of Death", this new mechanism is that the console will be shutting itself. The screenshot of this is given below.

    As you can see in the screenshot above this time instead of seeing the "Red Ring of Death", user will see a "Red Dot of Death" along with a warning message and the most important part is that Xbox 360 Slim will not dead completely as the warning clear states that the Xbox 360 Slim can be turn ON back after the power light stop flashing.

    However how prone the new Slim from Microsoft is to this problem is yet to be seen, but Microsoft is claiming that they had completely fix this problem.

  • Xbox 360 Slim Comes With Data Transfer Kit

    Microsoft new Xbox 360 Slim will be having a data transfer kit with it which will help in transfering data from your old Xbox 360 hard drive to new one at a very faster rate. This has been claim by the retailer GAME.

    GAME inform about this on the twitter account, “The new Xbox will have a data migration kit so getting all that gaming goodness out of your old hard drive will be a breeze,” GAME claimed via Twitter.

    Well but if you want to transfer huge amount of data from your old Xbox 360 to new Xbox 360 Slim than this method will be of very little help, So in this you case you can make use of a 16GB USB Flash Drive to transfer data first to PC and than to new Xbox Slim via same method.

    One thing gamers need to keep in mind that their machine has to be updated with latest firmware otherwise USB Flash support will be disable.

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  • Xbox 360 Slim Details - Price Announced

    Today at E3 conference, New Xbox 360 Slim announced by the Xbox. New Xbox 360 units are shipping to retailers now, with availability expected later this week, It will cost around $300 US.

    This new Xbox slim offers exciting new upgrades over previous Xbox 360. Few Upgrades are as follows:

    • Will be much quieter than the previous one.
    • The new 45nm chipset
    • 250 GB Hard Disk.
    • Integrated 2.4GHz 802.11n WiFi
    • 5 USB ports
    • Kinect port to support New Kinect Motion Controller

    250 GB Hard Disk space is quite much for console gaming but this time it wont be  a standard drive or same drive as the old Xbox 360, and older Memory Units won't work.