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  • Minecraft Xperia Play version titled as "Minecraft Pocket Edition"

    Mojang, the team behind Minecraft, has revealed that the mobile version of the game will first appear Xperia Play.

    The mobile version of the game will be called "Minecraft Pocket Edition" re-wired so that it take complete advantage of physical controller of Xepria Play.

    Minecraft logo

    No more details has been revealed by the developer so far.

  • Xperia Play to launch in US next week

    US network provider Verizon has confirmed that Sony's Playstation licensed phone "Xperia Play", will launch in the country on May 26.

    Xperia Play will launch with seven games pre-loaded, and it will carry a price tag of $199 (two year contract with $30/month data plan).

    Xperia Play

    There will be a total of 50 games available for download at launch which includes PSone classics, selective andriod titles and many more.

    Check out the list of Pre-loaded games below:

    • Asphalt 6: Adrenaline
    • Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior
    • Crash Bandicoot (PlayStation original)
    • Madden NFL 11
    • Star Battalion
    • The Sims 3
    • Tetris

    In UK, Xperia Play will launch in next month (June) on O2 network, more details HERE.

  • Xperia Play to launch on O2 in June: Report

    According to the reports coming out from "3g", Xperia Play will launch in UK on one of the most popular network "O2" at somepoint in June.

    Xperia Play

    Initially PlayStation-certified device "Xperia Play" was schedule to released in April, but due to some bug issue it was delayed. Now reports claims that those bugs have been fixed and Xperia Play will now release in June.

    O2 is selling exclusive White Model of the device which comes with PlayStation Suite and the original Crash Bandicoot. Stay tuned for exact launch date.

  • Vodafone delays Xperia Play UK launch

    After O2 its Vodafone now which has delayed the launch of Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play in United Kingdom.

    Last night Vodafone sent out a customer notice to all those who preorder the phone from the network, confirming the delay.

    Xperia Play

    Here is what the notice reads:

    “Sony Ericsson have advised us that they will not be able to supply the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play to meet the original launch date of 1 April. Unfortunately, this means there will be a small delay to your order,”

    “We are working closely with Sony Ericsson to ensure your phone is delivered as soon as possible and we will be in touch again with specific timescales when we know more. We appreciate this is disappointing and are doing our very best to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

    However Sony Ericsson just a while ago in a statement to VG247 said that "freight issue" has plagued Xperia Play and this may impact the number of handsets arriving at some retails outlets, but the company will still launch Xperia Play as planned despite Vodafone backing out.

    “We can confirm that the Xperia PLAY handsets are still planned to launch in the UK for 1st April, as originally communicated,”

    “However, as of today, we have experienced a freight issue that may impact the number of Xperia PLAYs arriving at some retail outlets. This said, consumers can purchase Xperia PLAY as of April 1st at a number of stores across the UK.”

  • O2 discover bugs in Xperia Play, delayed its launch

    O2 has announced that they will delay the launch of Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, and the reason for it they software bugs in the phone which will directly affect the great user experince.

    Xperia Play

    On its official blog O2 reveals that they are testing the device in all possible way and are working with Sony to fix the bug identified. Check out what O2 wrote on its official blog:

    This is what has happened with the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY. We’ve been testing the phone non-stop for weeks and have found some bugs in the software that, if they’re not fixed, means customers won’t have a great experience. We’ve been working with Sony Ericsson to get these bugs ironed out, but haven’t been able to get them fixed in time for us to be able to launch the phone on April 1st as we originally planned.

  • Xperia Play dated for Europe, new trailer out

    Sony Ericsson has released a new trailer for Xperia Play, and with that they also confirmed the Europea launch date for phone, its April 1.

  • Xperia Play launch date for UK confirmed

    Sony Ericsson has officially confirmed that Xperia Play will launch in United Kingdom on March 31. In an interview to MCV, the firm confirmed the release date and also announced six games title that will accompany Xperia Play, 50 more game will be available via Playstation Suite.

    Xperia Play

    Here is the list of games:

    • Crash Bandicoot
    • FIFA 10
    • Bruce Lee Dragon Warriors
    • Star Battalion
    • Tetris
    • The Sims 3

    Xperia Play will be available at mobile carriers and retailers, Sony is also planning to sell it all leading game retailers.

    David Hilton, Sony Ericsson Marketing Director said, "We are currently still in commercial conversation, but I’d be surprised if we didn’t see Xperia Play appear in other channels"

    "All the mobile operators and retailers are selling it. It is rare these days to get a product that is sold everywhere, but this is one of those. This will be the biggest marketing campaign we have had in the UK."

  • Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play Available for pre-order, well known online retailer has started accepting pre-order for the very first Playstation Certified mobile phone "Xperia Play". Customer can pre-order the unlocked, sim free version of the phone for £519.99. Play has set its launch date as March 28.

    Xperia Play

    So if you wish to pre-order the handset then move on to to place your order. Sony has previously confirmed a March launch for the handset in United States, and regarding European release many reports are banking on April rollout.

  • Geohot Next Jailbreak Project: Xperia Play (Legal)

    This will definitely make Sony even more furious, after ripping apart Sony's Playstation 3 from every angle, famous jailbreaker GEOHOT now wants to go after Xperia Play. Geohot made his intention clear on his new blog, where he is also asking for donation to fund his legal expenses against the platform holder.


    On his new blog Geohot said:

    In fact, I want the opposite reputation set, that the more a company tries to abuse the legal system, the harder we rally back. I will be the first person in line on the launch date of the Xperia Play, and itching to get my hands on the Next GEOHOT Project.

    One important thing to notice related to Xperia Play, the official description of device reads as "Xperia Play-The First PlayStation Certified Android Smartphone", its specify Xperia Play as a phone and so its legal to jailbreak since has been exempted by US court.

    The above details means that if Geohot tries to jailbreak Xperia Play, the makers can't take any legal action against him as it is legal to jailbreak phones.

    Guys now what you all think on all this?, do share your views as a comment.

  • Xperia Play Price Revealed?

    "Playstation Phone" price revealed?, To promote their new Playstation Phone "Xperia Play", developer Sony Ericsson has kicked off a contest in many European countries, which has resulted in handheld price being revealed.

    According to the contest page there are total of 10 Xperia Play is up for grab, and the total amount of the contest page reads as € 499900.

    Xperia Play

    This means that one unit of Xperia Play will cost something around 49900, roughly around $400/unit. However the price is just a speculation.

    Source: NEOGAF