Team Fortress 2 Community Map Pack released

Valve has released a new Community Map Pack for Team Fortress 2, so don’t forget to download this the next time you login to play the game. This new Community Map Pack update for the game features three new maps created by community members of Team Fortress 2.

Team Fortress 2

The details of maps are given below:

  1. PL_Frontier by Patrick Mulholland & Arthurt
  2. PLR_Nightfall by Aaron Garcha & Paul Good
  3. Koth_Lakeside by Valentin Levillain.

Here is what Valve wrote on Team Fortress 2 Blog:

“We’ve been listening to our community’s famished cries for content, and damn it, we decided to do something about it. Unfortunately, the button that bans everybody in the community at once doesn’t seem to be working (every time we press it we just get sparks and the smell of burnt fur). So we went with our tried-and-true Plan B: an all-new map pack, featuring some community favorites including a new map from the guy behind cp_mountainlab, the winner of’s Art Pass Contest,” said Valve over on the Team Fortress 2 Blog.