Team ICE PS4 Performance Boost Will Focus on GPGPU Rendering, Won’t Be Announced at E3 2014: Insider


Industry Insider, Ahasan Rasheed aka Thuway has shared some juicy details regarding what all things to expect from Sony and Microsoft at E3 2014 in June 2014 and the most talked about PS4 performance boost from Team ICE.


The most talked about performance boost for Playstation 4 from Team ICE won’t be announced at E3 2014, according to Ahsan Rasheed. When asked, whether Sony will announce performance boost that ppl are talking about for the ps4? Thuway replied:

“Thats more to do with SDK’s improving. ICE Team is legendary with their work on the Sony tools side. You won’t hear about it.”

He added that these future SDK Improvements on Playstation 4 will focus on GPGPU rendering and this is when the delta (differences) between Playstation 4 and Xbox One will get bigger.

“Future SDK improvements on PS4 will focus on GPGPU rendering. This is when delta between PS4 and X1 will magnify.”

Furthermore, Thuway revealed that Microsoft has secured a big third party exclusive (probably for Xbox One).

“There could be more stuff to show, but the whispers in the corner all indicate MS has secure one big 3rd prty title”

And Added: “Also the whisper around the corner is both conferences will be buffed heavily with 3rd party materials.”

And lastly, some words on how Uncharted for Playstation 4 is shaping up. Thuway revealed:

“Finally Uncharted looks amazing, incredible, stupidly good. No details on what was cut from Todd/Amy’s departure”

Playstation 4 is not the only console that is getting performance boost in future, Microsoft has also announced some tech to improve Xbox One’s overall performance such as DX12. So it will be interesting to see what the second round of next-gen consoles war has in store for the gaming community. Are you guys excited?

The track record of Thuway is pretty good, previously he has leaked information accurately before the official announcement. So we can’t completely ignore the above facts that he said.

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