Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon players will be terrorized by Team Rainbow Rocket


Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon is bringing a whole group of esteemed Pokémon crime lords together in the form of Team Rainbow Rocket, an organization comprised of all the bosses from the last few games in the series. 

Led by Team Rocket boss Giovanni, Team Rainbow Rocket puts Ghetsis of Team Plasma, Lysandre of Team Flare, and various other leaders together in one organization for some seedy and ultimately nefarious Pokémon crime-related business. It isn’t clear what the team is planning to unleash upon Alola just yet, but you can be sure it’s going to lead to some explosive Pokémon battles.

Luckily, there are plenty of strong Pokémon to collect and train in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon to keep the baddies at bay. For example, when you head through an Ultra Wormhole, in addition to Ultra Beasts you’ll encounter Legendary Pokémon like Ho-Oh, Lugia, and even Mewtwo. They’ll vary by version, so you’ll need both games to collect all of them. 

Then you can head to the new Battle Agency arena and rent Pokémon that can be used to fight against other rental Pokémon. You get three to use as you work to defeat your opponent, working to get through all of the agents in the facility. You’ll get rewards like Gold Bottle Caps in return, and see your selection of rental Pokémon expand as you make your way through the Agency and trade with other players. 

You’ll be able to use the QR Scanner once more popularized in Pokémon Sun and Moon to utilize the Island Scan as well. This will be integral if you want to find Pokémon that weren’t in the previous game, such as Greninja, Charmander, and Grovyle. 

Tangle with Team Rainbow Rocket and check out all the new goodies in the game when Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon launch on Nov. 17 on 3DS