Tehra: Dark Warrior available for download at PSN

Tehra: Dark Warrior a game title developed by indie will be out today for download on Playstation Network(PSN). Tehra: Dark Warrior a game for is for a new PSP mini from StormBASIC Games, will give gamers a hour of challenging gameplay.

The title character Tehra has an ability to get transform into human to demon so that he get successful in getting a peace treaty between humans and demons.

Tehra: Dark Warrior Key Features:

  • Tehra- Half-human, half-demon, this heroine lets you choose her form and strategize your attack method
  • 3D Graphics- Full use of PSP hardware for special effects and smooth gameplay
  • Game Evolution- Hone combat skills and unlock new levels and challenges by defeating opponents
  • Intuitive Controls- Quickly learn how to manipulate Tehra so you move effortlessly in battle
  • Hours of Gameplay- Gameplay stays riveting with new levels, minigames, and challenges that appear throughout the game