Tekken 7 Dev: Oculus Rift At $600 Is Expensive, PSVR Shouldn’t Be More Than $300-400

Recently, Oculus Boss Palmer Luckey announced their the much awaited Oculus Rift VR will be available for $599. The announcement didn’t receive the positive response from consumers and critics, and they termed the price tag as “Awful”. Now all eyes are on Sony and consumers who are eagerly awaiting to know what price tag they will put up for PlayStation VR. Tekken 7 director Katsuhiro Harada is hoping that PlayStation VR is much cheaper than Oculus Rift VR. He expects the price of PlayStation VR to be in between $300-400.

Oculus Rift

In a recent Twitter conversation with a fan on PlayStation VR price, Harada replied: “PS VR shouldn’t be more than 300-400 dollars though”. When another fan asked: when $600 price tag for Oculus Rift is too expensive? Harada replied that he expected the device to be too expensive. “Umm yes… I knew it..” replied Harada.

The views of Harada on PlayStation VR matters because he is currently working on Tekken 7 and Summer Lesson, and both these games will be compatible with PlayStation VR. So no surprises here that he wants PlayStation VR to carry an affordable price tag of $300-400.

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