Tekken 7 DLC Info Leaked – New Tekken Bowl Mode, Extra Costumes, Guest Characters With Meter System

Dataminer has discovered a ton of interesting new details about Tekken 7 unannounced DLC content. The details were discovered in the game’s files and it includes some extra costumes, meter-type guest characters, and a brand new mode. These are possibly the post-release DLC content for Tekken 7. Bandai Namco has not yet commented on the leak. The discovery was posted on the Zetaboards forum. Reddit user KSoMA listed down a short summary of the leaked details:

Tekken 7 DLC Content Leaked

Both the DLC characters have some placeholder files in the game. The first character has some sort of meter system like Eliza and Akuma (Street Fighter guest again?). Swimsuits, Idolmaster cosplay, and school uniforms will be DLC (despite all already being in the arcade version). Tekken Bowl is the $10 DLC game mode. All of the PS4’s exclusive content is still in the data, hinting at either timed exclusivity or eventual DLC.

Talking about the Tekken Bowl, it was first introduced in the first Tekken Tag Tournament, in it two teams battle against each other in a bowling match. The return of this mode in Tekken 7 is a great news for the series fans, but it is still not confirmed whether the mode will come with considerable improvements for Tekken 7. We have to wait for an official information. It could take place at this year’s E3.

In another news, Tekken 7 has topped this week’s UK All Formats Top 40. The incredible thing about this feat is that this is the first Tekken game in almost 20 years to have topped the UK Chart Track. Previously, Tekken 3 for PS1 topped the chart track, back in 1998.