Tekken 7 Patch 1.02 Improves Online Connectivity and Fixes Nina’s Ivory Cutter Attack

A new patch for Tekken 7 brings a series of fixes associated with voice chat, enhances online connectivity and also fixes Nina’s Ivory Cutter. This late updates version is 1.02. The short patch logs show minimum fixes and a Voice Chat On/Off feature for the game. The patch also fixes single characters move properties that are Nina’s Ivory Cutter Attack properties.

 Tekken 7 Patch

The patch update focuses more on the improving the online matching functionality. Above you can see minimum changes have been done by the patch. The patch is going to affect all platforms PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can check out the full logs below.

Tekken 7 Patch 1.02 Patch Logs:

Improved online matching functionality

  • The following player information will no longer be displayed before a match: character selected, wins, rank, title
  • Connection with other players can be established more frequently
  • Improved stability: Matchlist is tentatively removed to improve online matching functionality

Addition of ON/OFF feature for voice chat

  • ON/OFF for voice chat added to OPTION menu.
  • Set to OFF as default setting.

Some characters’ move properties were corrected

  • Nina’s Ivory Cutter attack properties.

Tekken 7 is also going to get a DLC whose info has been leaked recently, which is going to add some brand new modes, extra costumes, etc.