Tekken 7’s Roger Jr Removed Because Of A Stupid (Yet Fun) Kangaroo Video Causing Animalists’ Protest

These days developers strive to avoid any controversial aspects in their games they don’t want explicitly focus on. That’s why Namco opted to not include the kangaroo Roger Jr in the upcoming Tekken 7: the Japanese dev team feared that animalist associations could protest about his inclusion and put the entire game in a bad spotlight although its quality.

Tekken 7 - Roger Jr Controversy

“There was a video of a man’s dog being headlocked by a kangaroo, and he punched it in the face”, series producer Harada told VG247.com. I remember that video — it was very fun, some friends of mine posted it on my Facebook page so I watched it over and over again. I didn’t know it was about to create so much controversy in games as well.

“It turned into a big problem. People were complaining about him punching a kangaroo. It seems that in the last few years there’s a lot more animal activists – even though they probably wouldn’t play our game they would still hear about that, about a kangaroo in our game being punched, and would complain about it.” Kuma the bear is still in the game, though, because a bear is “obviously stronger than a human being”.

Tekken 7 is releasing in June for PC (Steam), PS4 and Xbox One.