The Walking Dead Collection Shows Off Seriously Enhanced Graphics


The Walking Dead Collection: The Telltale Series is on its way for the holiday season, collecting the entire Telltale Games release right in one convenient disc. And the collection’s graphical enhancements are nothing to scoff at. A new trailer posted by Telltale Games shows off just how different the latest release is compared to its original version.

The trailer shows off around three minutes of footage from The Walking Dead Collection, detailing Lee Everett’s opening moments grappling with a walker after meeting fellow protagonist Clementine. Check out some of the footage below, along with the back-to-back comparison available in the gallery above.

Of particular note, textures are at a much higher resolution and lighting is more refined in the collection. The dull, drab colors from the original release look richer as well, giving the game more character compared to the original releases. Expect textures to look much more refined with the new graphical enhancements, giving the setting a much more immersive vibe than before.

The Walking Dead Collection features all 19 episodes from the series, available either on one disc or through digital download. The full collection is available on Dec. 5 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One only.