Test Drive Unlimited 2 first Patch in two weeks

The details about the upcoming patch update for Test Drive Unlimited 2 has been revealed by Atari. The developer took on the game official website to gives out the complete details about what they have in store for fans in the upcoming patch.

Addressing the fans Atari’s Community Team Lead said, the update is currently in testing phase, and will add the co-op racing and weather during game’s offline mode. Along with these it will also provide fixes for various glitches and bugs.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 screen

According to Lee Kirton the patch will be available for download within two weeks time, here is what he wrote on twiter:

“Issues will be resolved with a patch due to fix a LOT within 2 weeks,”

You can check out the complete change log for th patch below:

  • Improve login process to allow a higher volume of successful connections
  • Increase online stability across all multiplayer functionality
  • Address issues related to file corruption
  • Enable Club and MyTDULife functionality
  • Enable Co-Op races
  • Enable weather while offline
  • Address an issue where players can get a Lancia which has no car data (the patch should prevent this from occurring in the future, and restore players who are currently affected by the issue)