The Amazing Spider-Man 2 720p on PS4 rumor is Fake, its 1080p/30 fps, more new details shared by Dev

Activision and Beenox has debunked the rumor that “The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is running at 720p on Playstation 4” and via Twitter went they on to confirmed that the game runs at glorious 1080p/30 FPS on both Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2“This is false. The game runs at 1080p on PS4.” and “The game runs at 1080p 30fps on both the PS4 and the Xbox One.” read a tweets from Beenox’s official Twitter account.

In addition to this, it was confirmed that players won’t battle with Venom in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. “You don’t battle Venom in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game. There was an error in a preview yesterday.”

Few additional details were also shared about the game such as Sam Riegel will reprise his role as Spider-Man, gameplay length will be similar to that of first game in the series, etc…

The game does not feature realtime day and night cycle but players will still be able to free roam in the city at different moments, very much similar to that of Infamous: Second Son.

To unlock in-game costumes, players need to complete side missions and last but not the least, even after completing the main story crimes will keep happening in the city.

In another news, it seems like Xbox One version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been delayed indefinitely as Activision removed all references regarding game’s Xbox One port from the official website. You can read more on this in our coverage: “The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Xbox One version Canned? all references from official website deleted