The Division Dev On Microstransaction: “No Pay To Win, Get Better Gear or Get More Dark Zone Credit”

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Tom Clancy’s The Division In-Game Screen 1

Recently, Ubisoft announced the Season Pass details for Tom Clancy’s The Division and there were some hint (almost confirmed) as well towards the inclusion of Microtransaction. The announcement received thumbs down from the Ubisoft fans as the publisher didn’t clarify how this microtransaction thing will exactly work: “Pay to win” or any other way.

Tom Clancy's The Division

According to the recent update provided by Ubisoft Massive creative director Magnus Jansen, it seems like The Division players won’t have to worry even a bit for the microtransaction thing. In a recent interview with our friend at Mashable, Janen confirmed that Ubisoft will definitely sell things to players but it will be in the form of DLC, and microtransaction won’t be on the line-up of pay-to-win or a pay-to-get-better-gear or pay-to-get-more-Dark-Zone-credit.

Here are the exact wordings of Janen on The Division Microtransactions:

“We will sell more stuff for you to do in the game in the form of [downloadable content], but there won’t be a pay-to-win or a pay-to-get-better-gear or pay-to-get-more-Dark-Zone-credit. You can buy a pack of completely cosmetic items to make you look awesome. That you will be able to do, but that’s not how I define microtransactions. We don’t have it, I’m very pleased to say.”

Tom Clancy’s The Division is scheduled to launch on March 8 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.