The Division Game Breaking Bug Prevents People Saving New York, Ubisoft Working On Fix

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The Division players are currently reporting a game breaking bug that sees them losing loot items and even preventing them from accessing the title at all.

Tom Clancy's The Division

On Reddit it is defined as a “huge game breaking issue that I and many others are experiencing is blocking us from playing the game at all. The bug which results from crafted items disappearing for one and in our cases a backpack in particular disappearing causing a inventory bug that does not let us connect to the game at all at startup.”

Here’s some more information about the bug, with players striving to have Ubisoft’s attention and ultimately managing to have their promise as they are working to fix the bug.

“We have posted countless times for over a week now in the tech support forums, we have called and talked to customer support who have been useless and no help at all. The only replies we have had was a mod/rep on the forums telling us to stop spamming (when we have yet to be replied to) that they are working on it. But I do not even believe that its not exactly listed under known issues only the missing gear part is and it doesn’t state the fact the backpack issue preventing players from logging in.”

Have you experienced the same issue? Let us know in the comments below. Of course with such a big game out there, issues are around the corner. The Important thing to notice here is the developer’s hard at work to reduce risks of issues and issues themselves to make people’s experience the best possible.