The Division Update 1.7 Adds Character Re-Customization In Terminal

 The Division Update 1.7 Adds Character Re-Customization In Terminal

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Tom Clancy’s The Division Update 1.7 has some notified changes coming up that includes Global Events, Classified Gear, Commendations, Patches, PTS, Character Re-Customization, Encrypted Caches, Ninja Bike Messenger Bag and Global Events. Though there are loads of things in the update, a notified change for players is a character re-customization. Before at the beginning players can select the gender and customize the agent the way they want. This includes choosing the hairstyle and color, face types and accessories, tattoos, etc. Once changes are applied the agent carries the static look throughout the game.

Tom Clancy's The Division

Update 1.7 removes this restriction by allowing the players to re-customize the character through an interactive mirror placed in a locker room and bathroom. This will be the new locations in Terminal where players can work again on the looks similar to a barber shop in GTA. Now players can enjoy modifying their characters by choosing from arrays of objects and accessories.

The update also brings new Global events, introducing new items and 3 new Classified Gear sets in the game. The event will be conducted for a week where players can earn a brand new currency and tokens to buy Classified Caches. It also adds Commendations, a new achievement system that will track the stats on the basis of performance and unlock the ability. There are three categories under this, Challenge, Statistical, and Checklist, on the basis of which players can earn new vanity items and patches. These will be held by the new vanity item slot.

Patches will only be rewarded to those players who will complete Commendation. The new one will replace SHD Phoenix Patch. Encrypted Caches are a new item of special loot container that players can buy from Premium Vendor along with its key. It requires a Cipher key to unlock. If you don’t want to pay for the key, you will have to gather 10 key fragments to craft it. Finally, there is a Ninja Bike Messenger Bag introduced in the loot pool in this update. For detailed information on the patch logs, you can click and read on the source link below.

Source: The Division Update 1.7 Patch Logs