The future of Crysis is 3D technology – Crytek

Cervat Yerli, Crytek CEO of the German, said that future installments of the Crysis will be compatible with 3D technology, as will the next Crysis 2.

Crysis 2 wallpaper screenBy his words, “Crysis on consoles for us is pretty much taking the ground that Crysis games will be 3D now and in the future. Console gamers haven’t seen [the original] Crysis yet and when we launch Crysis 2 it’s kind of like a re-launch of the franchise. We want to make sure people associate the Crysis brand with 3D gaming in the future.

Following his presentation, Crytek executive added that: “But I also want to ensure that is for a reason, we want to transform the TV or PC monitor into a window leading to a new world”. He said that once gamers pick up the controls and experience 3D gaming, they many not ever want to play in 2D again.

Asked about the risks of implementation of this technology, Yerli said that “I think that it will stay around, As soon as the first affordable 3DTVs arrive I think it’s a no-brainer at that point, everyone will adapt. Initially there will be a more hardcore audience. I don’t think every game will be 3D right away, but there will be some high-end production value games that will be 3D and will benefit from it. “