Meet The New Characters In The Last of Us: Part II Via Cinematic Trailer


Sony promised to make this year’s Paris Games Week 2017 a special one and as per my opinion, they delivered on each and every front. The best part of the press conference was the new trailer for upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive game from Naughty Dog – The Last of Us: Part II. Sadly, the release date or year for the game was not shown at the end of the trailer, but it sequences showcased in the trailer featuring all new characters managed to take the hype surrounding the game to the next level. If you ask him who are the developers that managed to keep the hype surrounding their game right from the initial reveal to the full launch – Naughty Dog is surely going to feature in the list, in fact, the studio will surely going to find a place in the TOP 3.

The Last of Us: Part II Cinematic Trailer

Coming to the sequences showcased in new Cinematic Trailer of The Last of Us: Part II – we see a new set of characters, Torture sequences and hanging. It would be better of me to not spoil anything for you – watch the trailer now and experience the thrill yourself.

In addition to the first cinematic trailer of The Last of Us: Part II, Naughty Dog also released a new developer interview video in which Creative Director Neil Druckmann is seen sharing some new details about the game. Druckmann confirmed that The Last of Us: Part II has finally entered the FULL PRODUCTION and the engine that powers the game is the next evolution of Naughty Dog’s Engine (the graphics and visuals improvements is clearly visible). If you think Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End pushed all graphical boundaries for a video game then I would like to advise you to keep this Tagline safe for The Last of Us: Part II.