The Last Of Us Part II Won’t Release Before 2019, Story Is Amazing: Naughty Dog


President Evan Wells has discussed The Last of Us Part II in a recent video interview with Game Informer among the topics he talked about, we can find the state of the development process, the time we’ll be supposedly required to wait for it to finally release and more, as you can see from the quick summary below provided by Reddit user Ahmazing786.

The Last of Us Part II

The Last Of Us Part II hasn’t entered full production yet, still in pre-production, the majority of the team still working on The Lost Legacy. So don’t expect it till at least 2019. The Story was pitched to President Evan Wells a little while ago. It’s AMAZING according to him, as he smiles sheepishly.

So we’ll need couple years from now to start playing the game. It could look like an eternity, but it’s ultimately a good timing for such a huge game project. What I’m wondering now is — will still be PS4/PS4 Pro around when The Last of Us Part II releases in 2019?

Source: Game Informer