The Order: 1886 Can Be Completed Under 5 Hours Rumors Are FAKE, “It Took Over 10 Hours To Finish”

The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886

Few lucky press members have already received the copy of Ready At Dawn’s upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive game, The Order: 1886 (Promotional Copy), and one of them is PSN user named wMikkel, who has already played through The Order: 1886 and achieved the trophy for the completion of the game. wMikkel achieved the trophy in “4 Hours 52 Minutes”, and many gaming publications took it as a confirmation that The Order: 1886 can be completed under “FIVE HOURS”.

The Order: 1886

We would like to inform our readers that this speculation (The Order: 1886 can be completed under FIVE HOURS) is FAKE, and the confirmation comes directly from “wMikkel”. The timestamp is not from the start of the game, but from when the first trophy of the game was earned. wMikkel first explained from when he got the copy of The Order: 1886:

The Order: 1886 Campaign Five Hours Long Rumor

“Usually at the PlayStation office, we get promotional copies prior to release. These are also the ones that are sent out to the media.”

wMikkel declined to comment on exact duration it took him to complete The Order: 1886 or share his impression on the game, but he did debunked the rumors/speculation that it did not require under FIVE HOURS:

“I didn’t get my first trophy at the start of the game, but I can’t say yet how long it took me. But not 5 hours!”

He further clarified:

“A lot of buzz around my completion of the game. I played the game a lot before earning my first trophy.”

Additionally, NeoGaf user Verendus (who is also among one of the few lucky ones who got promotional copy of The Order: 1886) stated that it took him over 10 Hours to complete the game:

“It took me just over ten hours to finish the game. I’m sure there are some freaks on GAF who’ll manage to do a very quick playthrough, but I imagine most of you normal folks are going to fall along where I did.”

The Order: 1886 is scheduled to launch on February 20, 2015 exclusively for PlayStation 4.