The Order: 1886 Controversial Twitch Video’s High Quality Version Releasing on May 27: Insider

Yesterday, Sony live stream brand new gameplay footage of Ready At Dawn’s upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive title, The Order: 1886. Due to low quality, compressed and laggy livestream the footage looks downgraded with frame-rate and many other issues. This caused a rage among Playstation 4 owners and demand for hi-quality footage went up.

The Order: 1886According to details just shared by well known in industry insider, Shinobi602: We’re going to see high quality version of The Order: 1886 gameplay on Tuesday i.e May 27.

“For those wanting that high quality footage of The Order, it’s coming Tuesday.” tweeted Shinobi602.

Even though the footage looks downgraded by few comparison screenshots and GIF confirms that there’s massive graphics/visuals upgrade, if you missed out on the comparison shots, check it out in our coverage: The Order: 1886 June 2013 vs May 2014 Build Comparison Shows Massive Improvements In Graphics, Character Models and Twitch stream video below.