The Order: 1886 Dev Defends Bungie’s Destiny: “Review Score Under 8 Is Ludicrous, Deserves More Just For Scope And Art”

Destiny New Snap 2

Bungie’s Destiny received mixed response from critics, review score were as low as 6 and many termed it as the “most overhyped and biggest disappointment of 2014”. This criticism didn’t came as a surprise for many as Bungie, Activision and Sony marketed/advertised the title as the next big thing in FPS genre which will re-write the records in the history book.


Did the low review scores for Destiny come as a surprise? YES, for Ready At Dawn Co-founder Andrea Pessino. Via Twitter, Pessino defended Destiny and termed the low review scores for the title as “Ludicrous.”

Well Known industry insider shinobi602 jumped into the conversation and replied that he personally liked Destiny, however it does have some “baffling shortcomings” which was the surprising part considering the fact the developer are BUNGIE.

“I’m having a lot of fun with it, but there are some baffling shortcomings with it that surprise me from a dev like Bungie.” replied Shinobishinobi602

To this Pessino admitted that Destiny has its share of shortcomings, but i deserve much more than a review score of just 6 considering its scope and art.

On a funny note, shinobi602 pointed out a post on NeoGaf where user wrote: “If this (Destiny) is getting terrible reviews, how bad are the reviews of order 1886 going to be…”

Pessino had a laughed at it and replied: “ha ha.. hard to argue with such logic! :)”

How many of you think that critics came hard at Bungie’s Destiny and the game deserve atleast a review score of 8/10? Tell us in the comment section below.