The Order: 1886 June 2013 vs May 2014 Build Comparison Shows Massive Improvements In Graphics, Character Models

The Order: 1886 Dev

Yesterday, Sony showcased brand new gameplay footage of their upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive, The Order: 1886. The gameplay was livestream on Twitch, the quality was so bad that fans started to accuse Ready At Dawn for downgrading graphics/visuals.

The Order: 1886Some comparison screenshots and clarification straight from devs of The Order: 1886 has arrived denying any downgrade to graphics and visuals of The Order: 1886 Lastest Build vs Old Build.

Pessiono said: “Thanks everyone! Oh, and the frame rate is actually VERY nice, do not blame us for streaming issues please… : )”

“there is no tearing when you play the game and if any ever shows up we will squash it. ; )”

Check out the GIF and Character model comparison images below and response of Pessino on them: “those are “infiltration” uniforms, much more logical for combat – the full ceremonial ones are used in other places. : )”

The Order: 1886 New Build vs Old Build Comparison

The Order: 1886 June vs May Build Comparison

“the assets are the same or better – you just need a better video.

excuses? Can’t compare a ruined image to full res. Level of detail has not changed, if anything, it is up.”

Now tell us in the comment section below, do you think graphics/visuals are downgraded?