Thief On Xbox One Struggle To Hit 900p, “1080p A Forever Problem Due To ESRAM And GPU” says Insider: Updated

Another resolution-gate scandal? According to Jeremy Conrad, Thief runs at 1080p on PlayStation 4 and at 900p on Xbox One.

Thief It seems like gaming press have already started to get their hands on the review copies of Thief, its sill under embargo but it seems like Jeremy Conrad has let the cat out of the bag.

In addition to this, Jeremy added that development at Eidos Montreal struggled to hit 900p resolution mark for Thief on Xbox One.

When asked to comment whether game can achieve 1080p on Xbox One? Conrad replied: “Xbone will have problems with 1080p forever due to the ESRAM and GPU”

If you guys recollect, back in January 2014, Thuway, a well known industry insider leaked that Thief on Xbox One Does Not Run At 1080p.

However at that time Thuway didn’t mention the exact resolution at which it runs on Xbox One. Read our coverage of Thuway Claims HERE.

So this new report from Jeremy Conard on Thieft’s resolution looks pretty LEGIT, but I will still advice our readers to take it with a grain of salt and consider it as rumor only as official announcement is still awaited.

Yesterday first review score of Thief arrived on internet via Spanish Magazine “PlayMania”. The publication awared Thief an excellent review score of “90/100” and praised game’s “Stealth, Fluid Control, Esthetics Design”, you can read details HERE.

UPDATE: Insider Thuway And Others Were Right:

Those who criticize us for covering information leaked by insiders too often. Square Enix has officially confirmed that Thief on Xbox One runs at 900p and at 1080p on PS4, frame-rate is 30 on both consoles. Read HERE what Square Enix told Eurogamer