This is How Actual PS4 Game Cases Look Like: “Bigger, Thinner And Less Wider”


Just over a month time period is left for the launch of Playstation 4 and the hype of fans surrounding the arrival of next-gen console is getting bigger and bigger.

PS4Sony has set-up tons of PS4 demo units on numerous locations for Playstation fans to check out the power of console, NeoGAF user, nhlducks35, went to his local Gamestop to see the setup of the PlayStation 4 where he spotted the PlayStation 4 game cases.

Check out the images shared by user nhlducks35. As per the details in it, PS4 game case is bigger in size and has a darker shade of blue color as compare to PS3 game case. Furthermore, they are thinner and also less wide.

Destiny PS4 Case

PS4 DriveClub Case

PS4 Battlefield 4 Case