This Is How Xbox One Dashboard Might Look With Transparent Tiles: Slick, Sharp & Clean, Microsoft Praises Effort


November 2014 firmware for Microsoft’s Xbox One will allow gamers to add custom background on dashboard. This was one of the most requested community feature and finally Microsoft decided to give in on the demands. But Reddit user Leeser went a step ahead and mocked up what the Xbox One dashboard might look like with transparent tiles.

Xbox One

You can check out the end result below, it looks pretty neat and clean. Note: Second and Third mock up image show how this will look with non-MS apps like Netflix or Hulu, apps that depend on bold colors as part of their brand.

This initiative on Leeser has received a positive response from users on Xbox One sub-reddit and Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg praised the effort by calling it “Looks Sharp”. But the question that need answer from Microsoft: Is transparent tiles option will be made available to Xbox One owners in future?

If you guys want Microsoft to get this “transparent tiles” thing done for Xbox One, Vote for it now on Xbox User Voice portal here. It argues:

“Please add an option to adjust the transparency of the tiles so we can make our background more visible. This fits perfect with the upcoming custom backgrounds support.”

Xbox One Custom Dashboard With Transparent Tiles

Xbox One Dashboard Custom Transparent Tiles

Xbox One Dashboard Custom Transparent Tiles Image 3

Source: Reddit