THQ is preparing a new game based on the WWE

THQ has revealed plans to release fourth game based on the WWE in 2011. According to Danny Bilson, chief executive of THQ, The game will be a online game, free of charge.

“[Smackdown! Vs Raw Online] is for Asia,” he said. “I don’t think there’s any chance of that coming to the US or Europe, not soon anyway. We don’t want to confuse Smackdown Vs. Raw! [the brand] with that online free-to-play game.

“That’s a big, expensive title, Smackdown Vs. Raw! – we will not do any cannibalisation [sic] of it at all. The online game is also designed uniquely for Asian playing habits and it would probably have to be modified creatively to bring it to the West.

“So there’s no plan to bring it here – because what we do have a plan for on that brand is what you saw with All Stars. And next year you’ll see another new extension there in another way – that’s just as exciting as All Stars, but a little different. We’re not talking about that yet.

“We’re growing that brand basically through an alternate SKU every six months – the other SKUs [All-Stars and the unannounced game] are more friendly, easier and less simmy than Smackdown! Vs Raw.”

Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 with a launch planned for later this year. WWE All- Stars arrive during the first half of 2011.