Titanfall 2 Sales Lower Than EA Preferred, But Still Hit the Mark


EA’s mech-based first-person multiplayer shooter Titanfall 2 was not just well received on release, the game was also considered a proper successor to the company’s original title Titanfall. But even though the game sold well with gamers, EA has revealed Titanfall 2 underperformed compared to the company’s initial expectations.

During a financial earnings call on EA’s Q3 2017 performance, the company revealed that its revenue for the quarter was three percent lower than in Q3 2016, according to a report from PCGamesN. It seems most EA titles couldn’t keep up with Battlefield 1’s success, including Titanfall 2.

EA previously wanted to sell around nine or 10 million Titanfall 2 copies, but it appears the game only sold five to six million units in its lifetime. Still, EA is relatively happy with Titanfall 2’s performance, as it still fared well on the market.

“We had Titanfall [2], which while it didn’t meet our original expectation, still sold very well,” EA CFO Blake Jorgunsen said during the call.

It’s unclear what Titanfall has in store for its future, but for now, EA will have to shift priorities in the coming months ahead if it wants to perform better on the market. In the meantime, Titanfall 2 will be one of several games that will benefit from the Xbox One X’s enhanced hardware capabilities when the system launches later this year.

H/T PCGamesN