TitanFall And CoD: Ghosts Runs At 720p: Leaker Issue Clarification, Also Comment on Rumor Sources


Earlier today gaming community was hit by a massive rumor that “Call of Duty: Ghosts and TitanFall on Xbox One runs at 720p”. It was started by a popular NeoGaf user “fam0usmortimer”.

TitanFallXbox fans were not at all happy with this and accused “Famousmortimer” of being “Anti-Microsoft and Anti-Xbox”. Seeing this RAGE of Xbox fans, fam0usmortimer via Reddit has issued a clarification of “Call of Duty: Ghosts and TitanFall on Xbox One runs at 720p” rumor and also commented on his source.

Take a look at what Famousmortimer said in clarification via AMA on Reddit:

Q: What do you think about this rumor? I know you said that you don’t know if it’s true or not, but you must have a feeling about it. Do you believe this rumor or not?

Famousmortimer: Earlier in the day I didn’t. The non-answers from Albert are making me think it’s true. For those who follow gaf you know I had the driveclub thing also…. and each non-answer was further proof (or, at the very least, relaxed me… not wanting to be wrong on a big stage is nerve wracking).

Q: Can you explain how you first heard the 720P rumor of COD Ghosts on Xbox One? Some are discrediting you by saying it was someone you heard say it “looked” like 720P during behind closed door gameplay, without any real technical analysis.

Famousmortimer: I can’t get into specifics even slightly about who it was because a blacklist from activision could murder any game based website. But I can say that, no, he/she isn’t like a digital foundry pixel counter. I don’t know how the 720p number was come up with, whether it’s a guess or was told… and at this point if I asked I would get silence.

Q: How thoroughly do you confirm your sources before you post a rumor? Did the leaked rumors of titanfall and COD match with what you heard?

Famousmortimer: I don’t post a rumor unless I have two sources most of the time. Sometimes I have one… but it’s someone actually working on the thing that’s being talked about. But in general I like two. I think game journalism is pretty much “fun” and not “journalism.” If I’m going to dislike them for that I need to hold myself to the same standard even if I’m on gaf or reddit or whatever.

That said… this was done with one source and I never felt great about it. I teased it because, honestly, I’m dumb and couldn’t control myself. There was a thread that was vaguely about what I heard and what I was trying to find a second source for and I teased and Bishop (the head mod at gaf) gave me a real hard time about it. So when I got home I said what I knew even though I didn’t have a second source. As for other folks like Thuway and whoever else…. I have no idea if they have real sources or not. I wouldn’t be surprised if my story just made it in a circle so many times that I’m the same source to like 9 different people who all think i’m someone different. The internet is stupid.

But like I said above… I wasn’t sure if I believed it before. Once MS PR got evasive… something started to stink. But that’s not fact – still conjecture.

So far the only official words we have received on this TitanFall 720p Xbox One rumor is from Microsoft’s Phil Spencer.

When quizzed whether this rumor is TRUE or FAKE, Spencer replied:

“As first party I don’t get builds of 3rd party games. I know what our 1st party games are doing.”

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