TitanFall on Xbox One Runs At 720p: Rumor (Update)


As per the details coming out from popular video-game forum, “NeoGaf”, TitanFall on Xbox One and Xbox 360 runs at 720p.

TitanFallNeoGaf user “Crazy buttocks on a train” chimed in and directly attacked Albert Penello on this score, confirming this rumour, he stated:

“We arl rdaedy know. Titfall also. not cooll2 hodl back on tstuff we acnt interact r tel truaths with, evnev if itns the job to obs>ffducate. translaperncy is berter when dealing wtih this positition. whataev er tho “

You can check out full thread on NeoGaf HERE.


On Twitter Microsoft’s Phil Spencer was asked whether this recent rumor via Albert Penello of TitanFall and CoD: Ghosts running at 720p on Xbox One is TRUE?

To this Spencer replied that he is only aware of details regarding first party games, he don’t get builds of Third Party Games.

Kind of a shocking reply from Phil Spencer as Microsoft paid handsome amount to Respawn for timely exclusive deal for TitanFall on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, and so they should be aware of these small but important details.