TitanFall Runs At 720p on Xbox One says Mark Rubin


Almost all games on Xbox One runs at 720p resolution, but Xbox fans are expecting something better from Respawn Entertainment and TitanFall, however if a recent comment from Mark Rubin is anything to go by, TitanFall on Xbox One also runs at 720p instead of 1080p..

TitanFallInfinity Ward’s Mark Rubin said: “I don’t know but overall I do know that other companies have been saying that they’re also 720 on Xbox One – BF4 was 720, Titanfall has already said they’re going to be 720 on Xbox One so it seems to be the dominant direction at the moment, but so much can change.”

This might just be a slip of tongue or Mark Rubin does know some inside details about TitanFall, we really have no idea and left it to you to decide.

Respawn Entertainment has not yet confirmed the resolution at which TitanFall runs on Xbox One, so we advice our readers to take words of Mark Rubin with grain of salt.