TitanFall Will Be Available in Playable Form At Tokyo Game Show 2013


TitanFall from Respawn Entertainment is one game that took gaming world by storm this season (be it at E3, GamesCom or any other event). Tokyo Game Show has been a strong foothold of Sony but this time around Microsoft is bringing its big gun “TitanFall” for Xbox One to counter attack PS4 and its games.

TitanFallThe official TitanFall Twitter page just confirmed that the game will be available in playable form at Tokyo Game Show 2013.

Now the other side of the story, Bad news for gamers in West, Respawn has confirmed that currently there’s no plan to bring TitanFall to upcoming New York Comic Con event 2013. Titanfall is slated for a Spring release on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.