Tom Clancy’s The Division Dataminers Discover Premium DLC Underground Content

List of all Abilities, Talents, and Perks

The Division users have possibly found out the first unofficial details about the upcoming premium DLC called Underground, which is releasing in June. Datamining has allowed them to discover what’s next in terms of new areas, Incursion, Dark Zone and PvE events.

Tom Clancy's The Division

Incursion is seemingly called Dragon’s Nest and it could be set in a broadcast center requiring a gear score of 240. This means the DLC would bring with all the new stuff also a level cap raise, since the current maximum score is 228 as introduced by Conflict’s Incursion Clear Sky.

New Dark Zone districts, namely DZ07 to DZ11. They all have code-names at this point – DZ08 is even called Hamish, likely in reference to community manage Hamish Bode. The other new zone is something called “Gym Kill List” (where enemies start at level 30).

More PvE events could be on their way as well, featuring burning contaminated supplies and weakening rogue agents. Of course all of this stuff is subject to last minute changes and, while included in the game’s code, is not official at all.

The Division: Underground is releasing on June 28 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.