Tom Clancy’s The Division Open Beta To Include Two New Weapons, Images Leaked

Tom Clancy’s The Division is just one day away from the open beta and people are striving to get as many details as they can before it releases. Now the focus is on weapons since it looks like the upcoming build introduces new ones in comparison with the closed alpha and beta we’ve played so far.

Tom Clancy's The Division

According to a Reddit post, it seems Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have carried to new weapons to the open beta, making them available for everyone to try out before the complete game launches on March 8 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Those two weapons are M249 Para and AUG A3P. M249 Para comes equipped with 9,355 DPS, while AUG A3P with 8,705, although the first is dubbed Tactical and the second Enhanced, meaning that both could have been modified at the time of the screengrab from the IGN video.

By the way, we’ll eagerly wait for more information about both the weapons before the open beta release or eventually we’ll put our hands on them when it does. The open beta is now available for pre-load on all the platforms but will ship tomorrow only on Xbox One, and one day, later on, PC and PS4.

The Division Open Beta