Tom Clancy’s: The Division Permanent Bans Finally Incoming

Tom Clancy's The Division

Ubisoft has finally took the decision to offer permanent bans to whoever makes use of cheats while playing Tom Clancy’s The Division. The decision looked inevitable after time-based suspensions were clearly not enough to block people from, well, cheating all the way down.

Tom Clancy's The Division

“Cheating has been a source of frustration for our community as some individuals have been gaining an unfair advantage in the game by using third-party software at the expense of our loyal players. In order to address this situation, last month we announced a series of new measures that have since brought significant results but also new learnings,” explains the blog post published on The Division’s official website.

“Following this campaign of suspensions and bans, it also became clear that while huge progress has been made in terms of cheat detection, our 14 days suspension on first offense policy has not been dissuasive enough. Judging from your feedback, and based on what we witnessed when cheaters came back to the game, we have now decided to push our policy one step further: we will now start applying permanent bans on first offense when players are caught using cheat engines and we will communicate clearly when new ban waves are taking place.

“We are committed to constantly improve your experience in the game, and this begins with ensuring a positive and fair environment free of noxious players willingly violating the rules. We will take all steps necessary to track down cheaters and make sure they cannot spoil your enjoyment of the game.”

Last month’s operations involved 30,000 accounts, including 3,800 permanent bans, which according to Ubisoft and many gamers has made the situation much better on The Division.

Do you agree with this kind of move? Is this what The Division really needs to keep running at full potential? Let us know in the comments below.