Tons of GTA V Gameplay Leaked on YouTube, “Michael’s House, Driving, Gunfights and More” (Update)

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Grand Theft Auto V GameInformer Screen 3

GTA V is leaked, some lucky gamers has already got their hands of Xbox 360 port of GTA V. As a proof of this, here is some actual in-game play footage (although offscreen).


You can watch tons of GTA V gameplay footage below. It showcases gunfights, driving, mating dogs, Michael house and many more things. Don’t worry there are no spoilers (story or any other things like that)


Just in case, Rockstar Games decides to take down these GTA V gameplay video from YouTube, you can still watch them on VINE from the following links:


Drop Box Link of All GTA V Gameplay Footage, HERE

UPDATE 3: More GTA V Leaked Gameplay Footage

Character Clips:

Car Clips:

Open-World Clips:


Microsoft has banned Jsticks11 Xbox 360, which means Jsticks11 meaning he’ll have to buy a new one, details HERE.


Infamous GTA V gameplay leaker Jsticks11 has created a brand new Instagram account and via this new account he has leaked brand new gameplay footage of GTA V. Watch all new GTA V gameplay footage HERE.


You guys asked for GTA V gameplay footage showcasing Car Damage and Jets, Here it is arrived via new leaked (Instagram User Dabzombi)


Watch new GTA V Gameplay Showing Uncensored Sex Scene HERE (watch at your own risk) and also Take a look at this 40 minutes of leaked GTA V gameplay showcasing nude stripper with Franklin, Jek Ski and many more things HERE.