Tons of PS3 games appeared in PS4 Store including GTA V, The Last of Us and others

Playstation Now

Something interesting came up today on PS4 version of Playstation Store, few Playstation 3 games were listed but no links were provided for BUYING which hinted that this might be related to upcoming cloud service of Sony, Playstation Now.

Playstation NowThe listing includes games such as “The Last of Us, Far Cry 3, Diablo III, Grand Theft Auto V” and lot more. Some of the games listed are already available in on-going Playstation Now closed beta but others like GTA V haven’t been used in the beta.

You can check out the snapshot of the store taken by Reddit user KingKilo below.

Its good to see Playstation 4 owners will be able to play some of their best Playstation 3 games via Playstation Now. The service is scheduled to launch in Summer 2014 and we expect some more details from Sony on the service like pricing, exact release date and more at E3 2014.

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