Toys R Us Leaks Nintendo Switch Price, Could Be $250 In US


Retailer Toys “R” Us might have leaked the official price of Nintendo Switch. The official website of Toys “R” Us has been updated with Nintendo Switch listing and it carries a price tag of $329.99 Canadian Dollars, converting it into US dollars the figure comes to $245, and it we go ahead and round off the figure for the US then it should read $250.

Nintendo Switch Price Is $250

There is every possibility that this price is just a placeholder, but if it turns out to be true then Nintendo is surely going to be one of the tough competitors to beat in video game business. $250 price tag for a console which can work as both handheld and a home console is not a bad deal for gamers.

Nintendo Switch is official scheduled to launch in March 2017. According to the well-known insider, the exact release date is March 17 for PAL regions, and the console is going to be region free. Furthermore, Nintendo Switch has 4GB RAM double the Wii U’s RAM, and this is the developer kit specs.

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