Treadmark for Eden Falls: a single player sci-fi/cyberpunk turn-based RPG, registered by Microsoft

Microsoft wants to register Eden Falls, a single player sci-fi/cyberpunk turn-based RPG which is in development at the Finnish studio Brimstone Interactive. Eden Falls’ Twitter account holds a link to Lift London studio, which is Microsoft’s own studio. Eden Falls has its own homepage and a blog which holds the frequently asked questions of this game.

The description of Eden Falls states: “Eden Falls is a science fiction themed role-playing game, featuring deeply tactical turn-based combat and an exciting story of epic proportions. The game will be published episodically.”

About the targeted audiance, FAQ of Eden Falls read: “Eden Falls will deal with some heavy topics and is thus targeted towards a mature, adult audience. Sex, drugs and violence will all play their part through out the story.”

Eden falls will initially come out on iOS, Android, Windows in Fall 2014. The HD version is expected to follow on PC, but since we can clrealy see an involvement of Microsoft, there is no harm in getting our hopes high and wishing for Xbox version.