Twisted Metal: No PS Move or 3D support, also no PS VITA version planned

Twisted Metal lead designer David Jaffe has revealed some new information about the game. The first thing David Jaffe confirmed was that upcoming Twisted Metal will not support PS MOVE. Couple of days ago a Twisted Metal Kiosk/Display picture arrived on internet. This pic suggests that there will be Move support in Twisted Metal (Check out the image below).

Twisted Metal David Jaffe said, “No, there is no MOVE support for Twisted Metal. Pic is a bit misleading perhaps.”

Regarding 3D support for Twisted Metal, Jaffe said, development team wanted to get it done but there was not enough time. Further Jaffe stated that if Twisted Metal goes on to become a BIG HIT, then he expect Sony to allow him develop PS VITA version of the game, however handheld version is not planned yet.

Twisted Metal PS Move Rumor