Twitch Prime is Giving Away System Shock 2


The holiday season is a great time for free games, and Twitch is taking advantage of the opportunity. The streaming service announced yesterday that all Twitch Prime members can now grab System Shock 2 for free if they’re signed up with Twitch Prime.

Originally released in 1999, System Shock 2 merged survival horror with first-person RPG action, having players star as soldier exploring a futuristic starship impacted by the (potentially life-threatening) experiments made by a power-hungry AI named SHODAN. The game was one of several action RPGs that successfully merged role-play with first-person exploration and combat, and BioShock is largely considered its spiritual successor. So if you haven’t gotten the chance to play through the game that served as BioShock’s blueprint, now is the perfect time.

Of course, there’s a few caveats before you can go ahead and play System Shock 2 for free. Obviously, you’ll need Twitch Prime, which you can get by signing up for an Amazon Prime account. There are free trials available though, and you can still pick up System Shock 2 without paying for Prime.

The free offer is only for Twitch’s desktop software, too, although once the game is downloaded you can uninstall the program to continue playing. Otherwise, go ahead and pick it up for free now. And if you’re looking for another giveaway this weekend, Humble Bundle is still handing out Homefront, too.

H/T r/GameDeals