Two New Nintendo Switch Trailer Released, Show Reasons Why Every Gamer Should Buy It


Nintendo has just released a brand new marketing video in the effort to promote the upcoming release of Nintendo Switch, which is launching on March 3. Nintendo is now focusing on making it clear you can use the console whenever and wherever you want, so you can check the three modes of Switch in the clip altogether.

Nintendo Switch Marketing

“Ever given up on a game because you didn’t have enough time to play? The Nintendo Switch system can transform to suit your situation, so you can play the games you want, no matter how busy life may be,” the Japanese platform holder adds on its website. “It’s a new era where you don’t have to adjust your lifestyle to play games – instead, your console adjusts to fit around your lifestyle. Enjoy games anytime, anywhere, with anyone, with flexible and free play modes.”

The three modes are the TV mode, the tabletop mode and the portable mode, of course. Interestingly, you can “link up to eight consoles for multiplayer” in local. “Players can sync together up to eight Nintendo Switch consoles to play competitive and co-operative multiplayer games.”

As an added bonus watch the Nintendo’s first ever Super Bowl Ad, no price for guessing it is for Nintendo Switch of course.