Two New Watch Dogs PS4 1080p Direct-Feed Gameplay Footage Leaked, Looks Impressive

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Watch Dogs Image 5

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs is one of the most awaited and highly anticipated brand new IP of 2014. The game is officially scheduled to launch on May 27 but few lucky Playstation 4 owners have already got their hands on to retail copy early, all thanks to retailers breaking street date.

Watch Dogs

As a result of this, some gorgeous looking brand new 1080p direct feed gameplay footage of Watch Dogs has been posted on Dailymotion and other video sharing website. You can watch two footage posted below, its a direct-feed 1080p from PS4 version.

Graphics/visuals definitely looks pretty good, according to details shared by early owners of Watch Dogs retail copy. Read details from early impressions below:

The game “actually justify next-gen consoles, especially it’s weather and lightning systems.”

“About WD online, closest thing will be Dark/Demon Souls, understand this as you will + few other online modes that remind me of GTA5/GTA4.”

“Here is high quality Gif (33FPS) and screenshot. Game is locked 30FPS by the way, it’s just effect of 2 heavy encrypted VPNs that destroyed my upload speed, I saw some people complaining about “low framerate”. Game is as smooth as AC4 on PS4 if anyone played that.”